Reliability is our Edge

In self-defense or competition,
if your rifle fails… you fail.

REliability and Accurancy

The highest quality materials combined with high-standard precision milling.

Custom Build Options

Every Double Tap Arms firearm is customizable, including custom Cerakote finishes.

Welcome to Double Tap Arms

As an AR-15 Manufacturer, Double Tap Arms focuses on manufacturing the highest quality CNC machined billet receivers, and hand guards possible. Providing our customers with a top tier firearm is our main focus. Double Tap Arms uses only US manufactured parts in building each firearm.

Our primary focus is delivering a precision high quality product. This starts with our state-of-the-art precision milling machine. Unlike most AR brands, rather than using an anodize finish each firearm we manufacture has a cerakote finish. This durable hard coat finish is available in a variety of colors, distressed finishes and camouflage patterns. Delivering an exceptionally accurate and incredibly reliable firearm is something we take pride in.



Double Tap Arms guns are built to precise standards to ensure you do not have to worry about making the shot.



Double Tap Arms  uses only the highest quality materials combined with high-standard precision milling to build the best firearms possible. Every Double Tap Arms firearm is hand built and quality checked

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Build Quality

We not only manufacture ar-style guns, but we also have a full range of third-party products and accessories to make you new AR complete.